How To Test A Mattress In-Store

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How to test a mattress in-store:

Before going in-store

Trying mattresses in-store

If you’re considering buying a mattress, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. Knowing how to test a mattress in-store is key to saving time and can help to narrow down your options. Our guide will help to simplify the process, including what to do before heading into store, and how to properly test a mattress once you’re there.

Before you head into a store​

Have a few options in mind

There are dozens of bedding brands, mattress types and comfort levels on the market, as well as various bed sizes to choose from. Deciding on a mattress can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you start your journey by browsing in-store. To make the process easier, it is best to have a few options in mind before you start.

You may wish to try our online Mattress Selector, which is designed to provide you with tailored mattress suggestions. Once you know the type of mattress suitable for you, find your nearest retailer and try it in person.

Otherwise, we suggest developing a list of models, sizes or comfort ranges you wish to try before shopping around. If you’re unsure where to start, read on to learn how to test a mattress in-store!

Consider your buying criteria

Begin your mattress buying journey by narrowing down the options that are right for you. Consider how much you are willing to spend, how much space you have in your bedroom, and who the bed is intended for.

  • Budget — The cost of a mattress varies between brands, technology and materials. Set a budget for your purchase but keep in mind that you do not need to sacrifice support or comfort to save on costs. Sealy mattresses are designed to provide orthopaedic support, optimal comfort and long-lasting quality regardless of the price range.
  • Size and space — Stick to a specific mattress size to make your purchasing decision easier. If you’re unsure which mattress size is right for you, you may wish to read through our Mattress Size Guide. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to measure your current bed frame and the room itself, so you can be sure that your choice will fit the space.
  • Who is it for? — The right size, cost and style will change depending on whether the mattress is intended for occasional guests, children, a couple, or a single sleeper. 
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Know your sleep habits

When in a store, you’ll most likely be greeted by a salesperson who will ask open-ended questions to determine your needs and be ready with recommendations.

Take a moment beforehand to think about your sleep habits and what you’d like to improve about your current mattress. Has it simply become too old or worn out? Or is your current mattress no longer suitable for you? Our needs change with age, physical health, lifestyle and living arrangements.

Think about how these apply to you:

  • Sleep position — Side sleepers often have different comfort needs than back or front sleepers. Read more on sleep positions to find the right kind of mattress for you.
  • Temperature — Some mattresses feel warmer than others, especially foam mattresses. If you have a concern with temperature, your ideal mattress may include cooling technology, spring support systems or firmer comfort levels.
  • Comfort — Tossing and turning throughout the night is often a sign of inadequate cushioning from your mattress. The ideal comfort level for you (from plush to firm) depends on your sleep position, pain management and temperature at night.
How to test and buy a mattress helpful tips
How to test and buy a mattress helpful tips

Testing mattresses in-store

Make yourself comfortable

Knowing how to test a mattress in-store involves more than just the bed itself. You should also be comfortable enough to emulate how you sleep at home. Wear loose-fitting clothing that will allow you to move around comfortably. If you’re buying a new mattress with a partner, it will be important for both of you to go and test out the options.

Feel free to take your favourite pillow with you, as well. We know that on occasion, it may be your pillow that is causing sleep problems and back pain. By taking your usual pillow with you in-store, you will be able to replicate your normal sleeping environment and ensure your mattress and pillow combination is offering the right amount of support. If you’re unsure, we have a guide on different pillows.

Take your time testing mattresses

The only way to be sure about whether a mattress is right for you is to spend time physically testing it in person. This will be an easier process if you have a list of mattresses or types of beds you’d like to try. Don’t be shy about trying each one in order to get a feel for the differences.

We recommend that you spend about 15 minutes lying on each mattress in your normal sleeping position. Don’t rush, as the purchase ought to be one for the long-term.

Woman testing a mattress in-store

Reach out to the experts

You’re looking for answers to your mattress questions, and it’s important that the salesperson understands whether you have any back issues or need specific support, as well as knowing the ins and outs of the product technology. The salesperson should:

  • Be able to explain product differences. For example, if you tend to get hot at night, there are mattresses with breathable layers or cooling technologies.
  • Give you plenty of time and space to shop without hovering too much. They should let you test the mattress in the way you’d prefer for as long as needed, and be available for you to go back to them when you have a question.
  • Be concerned about your needs, not just trying to push you into the most expensive item. You should feel relaxed around them without feeling too pressured into making a decision.

Visit a Sealy Sleep Boutique and take note of the mattress specs and model range that you prefer. For example, Sealy Posturepedic’s Elevate Ultra and Elevate range comes in various sizes and comfort levels. You can also take a look at our latest Promotions.

Shop around to see which mattress offers the best deal to fit your buying criteria and sleep needs. Most importantly, think of your purchase as a valuable investment in your sleep and your overall health.

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