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Customer Reviews


  1. Daniel Ong says:

    Got my Titanium Plush mattress at Harvey Norman, Parkway Parade. Was very impressed with Susan’s product knowledge and passion. On the other hand, I must also give thumb up to the delivery team (2 local uncles).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to compliment staff Doris in Takashimaya who introduce Orthopedic support II medium king size mattress to me. She has excellent knowledge about the product and provide superb service to me. Thank you Doris, very happy with the purchase.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would like to compliment staff Germaine in Takashimaya who introduce and attended to me. She has a broad knowledge about the product and intro to me the mattress that I really love.

  4. XQ says:

    I would like to compliment Ms Doris Putty at the Takashimaya branch for her excellent service. She very patiently introduced me to the various Sealy products available, and made the appropriate recommendations based on my personal preferences. She displayed impeccable knowledge of her products. I was most impressed with how she re-arranged her schedule and off-day just so that she could meet my schedule to close the deal. I eventually went with the Palatial Crest and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Doris!

  5. Royston Boh says:

    I bought Sealy Singapore mattress and bedframe from TANGS VivoCity recently and the salesperson Doris did an amazing job explaining and following up.

    I was annoyed that the purchase was delayed from March till late June (due to no stock and then covid situation) but Doris consistently followed up all the way till delivery was done. Her aftersales service is something to be learnt and there’s no way I’d recommend anyone else when it comes to (Sealy) mattresses. (I have already called up friends and clients who have bought houses recently to contact her.)

    It was JUST a mattress and bed frame sales but her work ethics from pre-sales (I called her multiple times to ask about the different types of mattresses), sales (she explained properly what I am getting), and after-sales are really much to learn from. She’s a reminder of how I should conduct my work.

    You have to look for Doris at Tangs@VivoCity should you be looking for mattresses.

  6. Mark Tan says:

    I would like to compliment Richard whom I bought a mattress from at Tangs at Orchard Road during a road show promotion, he was extremely helpful and informative. But what I would like to compliment him on is the great after sales service he provided. It was beyond what i expected. He assisted me to change my order and even arranged for me to try out some other mattresses at Tangs Vivo before we made the correct choice. At Tangs Vivo we were assisted by Doris who was very helpful and informative. She patiently explained to us the difference of each of the mattresses and insisted that we try the different mattresses before we made our choice. A big thank you to both of your excellent staff. They are beyond excellent.

  7. Theresa Lui says:

    I have received top notch customer service from Mr Bonaventure Goh at the Robinsons Raffles City branch. He impressed me with his warm smile and warm welcome. He took meticulous efforts to understand my requirements, clarified the firmness and comfort preference for my family and I and also went through the billing with me very carefully, right down to ensuring that I understood the amount that will be billed to me.

    All of these would have been great customer service on a regular day. What makes the difference with Bonaventure is that I made the purchase on Black Friday, the craziest and busiest shopping day of the year. Despite being extremely busy, Bonaventure still managed to provide well above par service and from the smiles of his other customers after he served them, I know I am not alone.

  8. Kiren & Dee says:

    We met Dennis at the City Square Mall Outlet in two minds of purchasing a Sealy (vs Simmons). Now, happy with my Sealy choice of mattress and would like to compliment Dennis for his highly commendable and amazing customer service. He replies in less than hours every single time, patiently handled the rescheduling X times, explained the product details as I tend to forget and think ahead on delivery issues and beyond.

    In today’s sales world, where hardly there’d be after sales service given a choice, we’re super impressed by Dennis, his knowledge, his customer service, his duty beyond call. Besides the comfort of the mattress, I’d recommend Sealy for a service like Dennis’s.

  9. Lela says:

    We are very impressed with the services and professionalism of Mr Bonaventure. He is an absolute professional. We will highly recommend his services to others. Please extend our appreciation to him.

  10. Mae Gan says:

    Comparing Miss Barbara Yang with the other sales personnel I have met at other outlets, as well as at your competitor’s store, I must say that she stood out and was able to assist on the choice of mattress based on my needs. She has good knowledge of the products and is obviously passionate in the products she is selling.

    As my 4 year old son was jumping from bed to bed at your store, Miss Yang offered to fold paper aeroplane and kept him entertained while my husband and I took our time to discuss and make our decision.

    The experience was very professional, informative and not pushy. Hope this compliment is able to motivate Miss Yang to continue her good service.

  11. Shaun and Maria says:

    I got some fantastic service from Ricky Ngai at Robinsons Heeren. He is one of the best and most knowledgeable sales people I have had the pleasure to deal with. After 1 week checking many shops, I can confirm I purchased Sealy in no small part due to his fantastic work and I in fact bought an extra bed as he was so helpful. He is a great representative for your brand and great sales mentor and would hope he receives recognition for his great work.

  12. Dave Kang says:

    I would like to show my appreciation towards the professional and value-added salesmanship of Mr Ken Tan at Courts Mega Store. Ken exhibited in-depth knowledge of products and provided empathic listening towards my concern and budget. Good sales personnel like Ken are hard to come by and Sealy could consider of getting him to share with fellow sales colleagues on his wonderful salesmanship skill. Thanks.

  13. Adeline says:

    I am impressed by the team spirit shown by the team at Robinsons Heeren. Each of them are friendly and approachable, especially Pinky. She served me with good knowledge of Sealy products and gives a very positive vibes to all her customers. Very friendly, cheerful, responsive and responsible. I am very glad to have gotten a Sealy bed with her help.

    Please note to appreciate staff like her and let her vibes spread throughout the company and culture. I have been to other Sealy showrooms as well, I am still impressed by the way Pinky serves her customers. Keep up the good job – Heeren’s team.

  14. Cherie Tan says:

    Ashok, from Harvey Norman Parkway Parade, is extremely patient, helpful and knowledgeable with all things sleep-related. We made our mattress purchase after spending a long consultation time with Ashok, and felt reassured that we have made a reliable and informed decision. Please convey our hearty thanks to Ashok.

  15. QQ and Adeline Tan says:

    I am grateful towards Doris Ong from the Plaza Singapura Branch who spent almost an hour explaining the different mattress types to us. From Feb till end of April, she has been so dedicated, updating us on the new arrivals and new promotions, making this experience such a pleasant one.

    Such small acts of kindness may be a part of her work process or just a part of her good service to clients. But to us, her acts of kindness meant a great deal to us. Doris is so patient with us and other customers. We are so thankful that we got to experience this. Sealy, being such a reputable brand, will only go further with such kind sales assistants like Doris.

    Thank you Doris and thank you Sealy! We look forward to our good nights sleeps.

  16. Yan Jia says:

    We would like to commend Mr Stanley Chang for his excellent service and professional recommendation at Millenia Walk Harvey Norman. He provided insights and advice on mattresses without being too pushy. We are very pleased with his recommendation to the Palatial Crest Collection. Thank you Mr Stanley Chang and Sealy!

  17. Rosalind Tan says:

    I’m very happy with Stanley Chang for the good services he rendered to me in my purchase, and especially delivery of the three mattresses that I bought from Harvey Norman. Good job!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I bought 2 mattresses from Derrick at Harvey Norman Chai Chee outlet. He is honest and nice. His service is good and he recommends the best to customers. He follows up with the delivery and make sure that i receive my mattresses even during circuit breaker period. Thank u, Derrick!

  19. Leslie Wee says:

    I was dealing with Derrick of Sealy throughout this Circuit Breaker period and he has been very professional and helpful right from enquiry to the completion of the order.
    He would answer our questions promptly and advised the right decisions. I was really happy working with him in getting our mattress. Would not hesitate to give him a 5-star for his professionalism and support.

  20. Angel Lim says:

    We made our second purchase of a super single size mattress and a single size mattress for our kids. They love them. The deal is good at Courts Toa payoh. We like Ms Shirley service also. And got a pull out bedframe as a whole set and selected pink suede. Very beautiful piece too!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Love the super size single and single mattresses. This sale is worth it and what we have been waiting for. Got them from Courts Toa payoh. And like Ms Shirley service too.
    Thumbs uP

  22. Zyra Zuphian says:

    A superb mattress! A luxurious sleep experience!

  23. Johan Yu says:

    Love Posturepedic Assurance mattress!

  24. Vincent Lee says:

    It’s really comfortable till you just fall asleep once you lie down!

  25. Cynthia Amanda Toh says:

    I’ve no more backache after sleeping on a Sealy bed. Bed is good for the back.

  26. Jackson Law says:

    Sleep well, live well. The best or at least one of the best investment one can make in one’s life.

  27. Fiona says:

    It is sales promoters like Mr Ricky Ngai who leaves such great impressions in customers that people would think of the brand Sealy and even Robinsons first thing the next time they wish to make a purchase and recommend the brand to others. Mr. Ricky Ngai displayed such high standard for customer delight, the customer service rendered becomes a strong advertisement for the brand. We are truly thankful for the exemplary efforts of Mr. Ricky Ngai who turned our helpless moment into such a wonderful experience. Thank you.

  28. Kelvin Tham says:

    I would like to send my compliments to Pinky Chen from JEM Robinson Bedshop. She provided excellent customer service and provided good advice when I was making my purchase. She is very professional and knows a lot of what she is selling. After i made my purchase, she provided excellent after sales service as well.

  29. Ivan Lim says:

    Just purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Enhance (Bishop Medium). It’s definitely one of the best investments I made. It is very comfortable and provides excellent support at the same time. Also, the customer service (pre and post) is top notched – always patient in giving advice and answering to my doubts. Will definitely recommend a Sealy mattress to anyone purchasing a new one!

  30. Cassandra Tang says:

    I would like to congratulate you for having such a good service rendered to us by your store manager, Patrick. This is one store that doesn’t flick an eyeball to the demands of the customer and even goes to great lengths in reducing our inconveniences to a T.

  31. Dawn Seetoh says:

    We just bought a Bishop medium. And it was really very comfortable. We fell asleep almost immediately after lying down on the bed. And hubby hasn’t been complaining about having backache after waking up in the morning. Our most super worth it investment!

  32. Daren Lim says:

    Bought my first Sealy Posturepedic Vitality in December 2014, until now it is still comfortable as before, good service from the Sleep Boutique at IMM.

  33. Mdm Koh Yian Hoon says:

    I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Mr Hon, in your Liang Court Divison. His calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. His knowledge of the product and his remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then Sealy has a very bright future in Singapore. In future, for any mattress recommendations to any of my friends, I will definitely place Mr Hon as the first choice recommendation for Sealy mattress.

  34. Soon Hui says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight with the wonderful sales service we recently received when purchasing a mattress from Sealy at Plaza Singapura. These days it is not often that a sales person goes beyond the extra mile to ensure a customer’s piece of mind and satisfaction, however it simply was a pleasure dealing with Doris Ong, I have no doubt that we will once again return to Sealy when we are ready to purchase the next mattresses.

  35. Daren Lim says:

    Bought my first Sealy Posturepedic vitality in December 2014 , till now still comfort as before , good service from IMM outlet.

  36. Ricky Fun says:

    Recently purchased the Posturepedic Lensbury to replace my 11+ year Sealy. Very happy as I slept very well with no adjustment period required. My shoulder aches have also disappeared. I really like the titanium coils as it makes the mattress a lot lighter & easier to adjust.

  37. Ms Alle Koh & Mr Yokie says:

    On 3rd January 2012, my husband and I went down to Courts Toa Payoh and was just browsing for a mattress. Ricky attended to us and strongly recommend Sealy to us. My husband was very impressed with his service and knowledge and we eventually ordered a Sealy Posturepedic.

  38. Mr Steven Goh says:

    Mavis is a great sales staff. She changed my mind from buying another brand to Sealy with her service & knowledge.

  39. Valerie says:

    I was very impressed by Mr. Sam Lim’s service and his warm attitude. He patiently explained to us the advantages of each mattress while we tried. We felt at ease as he was not pushy. He came across as very knowledgeable in his field of work. Good sales staff with the right attitude is hard to come by. I hope that sealy can give him the recognition he deserves.

  40. Ms. Noel Ng says:

    Margaret is very friendly and knowledgeable in Sealy products. She takes her time to explain the details and difference of the various Sealy mattress.
    Most importantly, she is very genuine. (which is hard to come by in sales people nowadays)
    Because of her good service attitude, i bought the Sealy Palatial Crest in October and i got a bed frame from her recently.
    I would definitely recommend my friends to get mattress/bed from her as such genuine sales staff is hard to come by.

  41. Jonathan Leong says:

    My wife and I purchased a Sealy bed from the store and Dino was the sales person who assisted us. He was patient, courteous, knowledgeable and sincere.
    He went the extra mile for us, and among all the staff I have come across in stores like yours, he has proven to be the most impressive one.
    I would not have purchased the bed from Sealy if not for his service (as there are many brands to choose from).

  42. Wenjin says:

    I was served by Mr Stanley at Millenia Walk Harvey Norman. He did an excellent job in explaining the product range and recommending a selection of suitable mattresses. Thank you!

  43. Clement Chow says:

    Siti has provided an excellent service and go out of her way to help me to arrange transport given a unique situation on my arrangement. She is aware of the importance of delivery schedule and ensure nothing is compromised.
    She has also been patience in giving her advice, we first approach her 6 months back and we remember her and revisit the store to purchase the mattress.
    Thank you for the good quality product and service.

  44. Angeline Tan says:

    We just purchased our very 1st Sealy mattress last Sunday thanks to Mr Andy Koh. Andy was able to let us decide and understand what we really need before we commit on such a big item that will follow us for the next decade. His professionalism and knowledge on the brand ensure us that we have made the right choice that day. All in all, we had a wonderful experience and I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends in future.

  45. Agnes says:

    I am a customer of Sealy and have recently purchased a mattress from Takashimaya recently.
    I would like to compliment the Sealy staff from Takashimaya, specifically Daniel and Jess who have provided excellent service during the purchase.
    Their service and attitude are definitely a push when making the decision in purchasing the mattress.
    Committed and passionate staff are a gem to every company – and Sealy is really blessed to have them.

  46. Ann says:

    I visited your boutique store at one km mall and after explanation from your Sales consultant, we purchased 5 star luxury instead. I would like to compliment Andy Chong for his good patience and detailed services – part of the reason we confirmed the deal within that hour!

  47. Yan Jia says:

    We would like to commend Mr Stanley Chang for his excellent service and professional recommendation at Millenia Walk Harvey Norman. He provided insights and advices on mattresses without being too pushy. We are very pleased with his recommendation to the Palatial Crest Collections.
    Thank you Mr Stanley Chang and Sealy!

  48. Aaron Wong says:

    Purchased my Sealy king sized bed for my guest room. Was actually deciding between Sealy and another brand, however, the sales attendant Marilyn at Robinsons was extremely helpful and made a difference to my decision making process!

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