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Mr Steven Goh

Mavis is a great sales staff. She changed my mind from buying another brand to Sealy with her service & knowledge.


I was very impressed by Mr. Sam Lim’s service and his warm attitude. He patiently explained to us the advantages of each mattress while we tried. We felt at ease as he was not pushy. He came across as very knowledgeable in his field of work. Good sales staff with the right attitude is hard to come by. I hope that sealy can give him the recognition he deserves.

Ms. Noel Ng

Margaret is very friendly and knowledgeable in Sealy products. She takes her time to explain the details and difference of the various Sealy mattress.
Most importantly, she is very genuine. (which is hard to come by in sales people nowadays)
Because of her good service attitude, i bought the Sealy Palatial Crest in October and i got a bed frame from her recently.
I would definitely recommend my friends to get mattress/bed from her as such genuine sales staff is hard to come by.

Jonathan Leong

My wife and I purchased a Sealy bed from the store and Dino was the sales person who assisted us. He was patient, courteous, knowledgeable and sincere.
He went the extra mile for us, and among all the staff I have come across in stores like yours, he has proven to be the most impressive one.
I would not have purchased the bed from Sealy if not for his service (as there are many brands to choose from).

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