Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Reviews

90% of our customers have
rated us 7 or more out of 10 for
customer satisfaction. At least 1
customer a day has given us a
Perfect 10.

Vincent Lee

It’s really comfortable till you just fall asleep once you lie down!

Cynthia Amanda Toh

I’ve no more backache after sleeping on a Sealy bed. Bed is good for the back.

Jackson Law

Sleep well, live well. The best or at least one of the best investment one can make in one’s life.


It is sales promoters like Mr Ricky Ngai who leaves such great impressions in customers that people would think of the brand Sealy and even Robinsons first thing the next time they wish to make a purchase and recommend the brand to others. Mr. Ricky Ngai displayed such high standard for customer delight, the customer service rendered becomes a strong advertisement for the brand. We are truly thankful for the exemplary efforts of Mr. Ricky Ngai who turned our helpless moment into such a wonderful experience. Thank you.

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