The Benefits of a Cooling Mattress and How They Work

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to fall asleep because you feel hot? We recognise the battle to have a cosy sleep, so we have crafted this blog to help you discover the world of cooling mattresses. Ready to find the cool side of slumber? Let’s explore!

Why Do We Sleep Hot? The Science of Sleep Temperature

Before diving into the world of cool mattresses, let’s look into the heat which leads us to toss and turn unendingly in our beds to feel cool. Did you know that there is a science of sleep temperature? It explains the shifts in our body temperatures each night. Three things cause these sudden body temperature shifts:

  • Metabolic Activity: During sleep, our body burns the food we eat, which causes a chemical reaction, leading to a warmer body state. When a person has a fast metabolism, they are more likely to feel hot.
  • Environmental Factors: According to org, the best temperature for cosy sleep is between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. But, if it’s too hot or humid, like in hot weather, it can be difficult to get comfy.
  • Bedding Materials and Insulation: Some mattresses, especially ones with certain foams, don’t promote airflow. Instead of keeping you cool, they trap heat like a cozy blanket. So, if you’re tossing, turning and waking up in a pool of sweat each night, your mattress may be at fault.

What Is A Cooling Mattress, and What Is Cooling Technology?

According to Forbes, cooling mattresses contain materials that help regulate body heat, either absorbing or dissipating it. Some manufacturers combine specialised foam and springs to create a cooling effect in their mattresses. Cooling mattress technology uses various materials to divert or absorb warmth. The components of these cooling systems can range from coils to special fabrics designed to enhance air circulation.

Typically, this involves redirecting warm air away from the body and assimilating the inherent heat radiation generated through thermoregulation, helping to maintain a cool sensation.

Does Sealy have a Cooling Mattress?

While Sealy Singapore is more focused on offering orthopaedic mattresses, we ensure our mattresses are crafted with cooling properties. Since our brand specialises in spring mattresses, our range of beds is cool and comfortable to sleep on. This has been elevated with the help of features we have developed over the years:

Ice-Touch Technology

This cooling system offers a cool-to-touch experience, providing an instant cooling effect against your skin. Our Ice-Touch® Technology is added to Exquisite, Palatial Crest and Elevate Ultra collections.


Our very own smart textile fabric treatment. It is designed to primarily react when there is a need to disperse moisture and heat. This ensures that you can slumber comfortably without worrying too much about moisture. Our SmarTex® fabrics can be found on all of our Posturepedic® mattresses.

The Benefits of a Cooling Mattress

Whether you are sleeping in a cool place or not experiencing any sweat at night, the materials mentioned above will benefit you or your partner in sleeping comfortably. Here are the benefits that you can enjoy with cooling mattresses:

#1 Enhanced comfort and reduced night sweats 

A cooling mattress should keep you comfortable by preventing night sweats. It’s like having a personal temperature control, so you stay cool, cosy, and sleep without interruptions. Say goodbye to uncomfortable night sweats; the advanced materials disperse excess heat, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable, providing uninterrupted and restful sleep.

#2 Less tossing and turning 

Tossing and turning on a cooling mattress is unnecessary. It stays consistently cool, so you can relax and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without constant movement. The temperature-regulating features prevent heat buildup, creating a consistently excellent sleeping surface.

#3 Extended mattress lifespan 

Cooling mattresses often benefit from materials that resist wear and tear caused by excess heat. By maintaining a stable temperature and minimising stress on the mattress components, you contribute to its longevity.

#4 Energy efficiency  

Cooling mattresses helps save energy. You won’t need to decrease your AC or fan temperature because they naturally keep things cool. This saves energy and promotes a more eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to maintaining a comfortable sleep space.

Are Cooling Mattresses Good For You?

Given the factors that make our body feel hot during sleep, are cooling mattresses good for you? It’s a strong yes! Cooling mattresses are good for everyone, especially if you always wake up feeling overheated. Switching to a cooling mattress also offers excellent support while comforting you in cool slumber. At Sealy Singapore, our products prioritise support and cool-feeling comfort. Why choose other brands when you can get all premium features with our range of cooling mattresses? You may also try our mattress selector quiz to find the ideal mattress for your needs and preferences.

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