Sealy Posturematic

Posturematic Mattress, Posturematic Adjustable Base

An innerspring mattress designed for use on Sealy Posturematic Adjustable bases.

Superior Comfort

Sealy Posturematic mattresses are designed to provide the benefits of an adjustable bed with the feel of an innerspring mattress.

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Sealy’s unique SRx® support system is designed to sense your body’s weight and motion and to respond with the deep-down support your body needs. The coils are arranged in alternating columns for maximum stability. Open coils allow for air to circulate as you move in bed.

Posturematic Adjustable Base

Sealy Posturematic Adjustable bases are a functional bedding solution for modern bedrooms. Paired with a Sealy Posturematic mattress, Posturematic bases allow you to enjoy the benefits of a bed that can be adjusted for reading, entertainment, improved circulation and recovery.

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Sealy Posturematic