How To Take Care of Your Mattress

One-third of your lifetime is spent sleeping on your bed, so invest in a good one for a good night’s sleep. With better sleep comes better health. Take good care of your mattress and it will definitely last. Here are some tips to maximize your mattress’s life.

Tip #1 – Rotate it 180 degrees

Mattresses nowadays usually only have one side facing up. So, lucky for you, flipping is not required. All you need to do is to rotate it every 3 months to distribute the wear evenly and to prolong the comfort and support life. Body indentations are a normal occurrence in your new mattress and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to your body’s individual contours. If you are not sure, check your warranty card or check with the sales consultants at the store that you purchase your mattress from.

Tip #2 – Keep it dry & clean

Vacuuming your mattress will help to remove dust, making it cleaner and more comfortable for sleeping. If you accidentally spilled something on your mattress, dab some warm soapy water on it then let it dry completely before making your bed. Do not pour the soapy water on it as moisture aids in breeding mold. In addition, do not use any dry-cleaning fluid or harsh chemical cleaners to clean your mattress as these chemicals will damage some of the construction materials.


Tip #3 – Air it whenever you can

Give your new sleep set time to “air” upon removal from its plastic. New mattresses may have a “new bed smell” that may take a couple weeks to dissipate.


If you are going for a vacation, let your mattress breathe by removing your bed sheets. This will help to preserve the freshness of your mattress. Airing it once in a while is also recommended as mattresses tend to collect a lot of moisture, even from humidity in the air.


Tip #4 – Do not sit on your mattress

Mattresses are not meant for sitting, they are designed to support your body weight when lying down. When you sit on your mattress, you are concentrating all your weight on a small area, causing uneven wear and tear. According to by the National Sleep Foundation, sitting at the edge of your mattress will cause it to lose its structure prematurely, subsequently weakening the sides and even the centre of the mattress.


Tip #5 – Do not jump on your mattress

Just like how mattresses are not designed to be sat on, the impact is worse if it is being jumped on, so keep your children off or you face a spoilt mattress. Not only will it damage the coils and the interior construction of your mattress, it is dangerous as your children may injure themselves.


Tip #6 – Use a mattress protector

Do keep your bedding clean. A good mattress protector is one that is waterproof and breathable whilst preventing dust mites and bed bugs at the same time. It can also keep your mattress free from stains and dirt and provide extra padding for comfort. A mattress protector absorbs sweat and moisture, thus keeping your mattress dry and protected. This helps to preserve the comfort layers on top which will allow your mattress to retain its shape for a longer time.


Tip #7 – Use a proper bedframe/ box spring/ foundation

Be sure to use a durable and high-quality bedframe. As the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, the Better Sleep Council (BSC) highlights “For queen and king size beds, it is important that your frame has a strong centre support to prevent the mattress from bowing and sagging over time.” A broken bedframe is not only bad for your mattress but will also cause discomfort. Using a proper frame will also ensure that your warranty remains in effect. When purchasing a new mattress, you should consider replacing your old foundation as well. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging when the problem really lies with the old foundation providing inadequate support.


Tip #8 – Do not put a board between the mattress and the box spring/ foundation

Some may think that putting a board in between the mattress and the box spring/ foundation provides extra support and helps to firm up the mattress. However, inserting a board interferes with how the box spring/ foundation is supposed to function with the mattress. Your sleep set is designed as an integrated system to provide you with proper support, and the foundation plays an important role.

Tip #9 – Wash your bed sheets regularly

You are sleeping on your bed every night and I’m sure you do not want to sleep on one that is full of drools, hair, oil and even food crumbs. All these breed bacteria and encourage dust mites, so wash your linen every one to two weeks to keep it clean and comfortable.

Tip #10 – Do not sleep with your pets

No matter how well-groomed your pets are, they will definitely shed fur or drool like human beings. Occasional accidents such as peeing will also ruin your mattress.

Tip #11 – Be careful when you move your mattress

If you are moving house, protect your mattress by wrapping it up in a plastic case and avoid bending or folding it. Make sure your mattress is able to pass through the door. It is best to keep them upright on their sides so that they don’t sag or crease while in transit. It is also easier to handle and you will be less likely to spoil the mattress. A bent mattress can cause damage and void the warranty. If you need help, engage professional movers to transport your mattress to prevent any damage.

Tip #12 – Do not remove the law tag label

Do not remove the law tag label at the end of your mattress. This serves as a means of identification to establish your warranty rights, in the rare event any service need arises.

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