Frequently Asked Questions

1- Will my mattress get body impressions?

Body impressions in modern beds are normal and are generally an indication that the comfort layers are working with your body as they should. If you are sleeping on a pillow top mattress, the comfort layers in the top of the mattress will conform to the shape of your body. The softer the comfort layers, the deeper you will sink into your mattress.

2- Will my mattress feel like the one I choose in the store when it is delivered?

There may be a ‘settling in’ period of 6 to 8 weeks for a new period. Your new Sealy mattress will consist of brand new foams, silks, wools and cottons therefore these new materials require time to conform to your body shape and weight.

3- What if my mattress has an odour when it is delivered?

Any odour you detect when your mattress is first delivered is generally a short term issue and should not last any longer than two weeks. However, if you are more sensitive to odours, it would assist by leaving your windows where the mattress is placed, opened, to enhance ventilation. Alternatively, you could also spray the mattress with a fabric deodorizer.

4- Do we have trade-in program for mattresses?

We do not offer any trade-in program for mattresses.

5- What are the local standard sizes for mattresses?

Single – 91 x 190
Super Single – 107 x 190
Queen – 152 x 190
King – 183 x 190

All sizes are nominal. Dimensions are width by length in centimetres.

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